Kompor Seni

Kompor Seni is a Yogyakarta-based arts community established to be a platform for its members to exchange ideas and to nurture their potentials in the creative economy sectors, including textile design, painting, graphic design, sculpting, interior design and visual communication design.

Kompor Seni conducts creative workshops, such as Batik on different mediums and Tie Dye, to pique the interest and to share expertise regarding the latest development in fine arts field with arts lovers worldwide.

Since its establishment by 13 ISI Yogyakarta Fine Arts alumni in July 2016, the group has been invited to be a partner and a collaborator of Indonesia’s prestigious art events, including Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Arts Festival), Nandur Srawung Show and Clay Con event, among many others.

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