How To Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

We all want to be financially free because we believe that financial freedom enables us to live a truly fulfilling life, step off the nine-to-five treadmill, achieve important goals, travel, enjoy more leisure and spend time with the family.

But why is Financial Freedom so difficult to achieve? Are we setting unrealistic goals for ourselves by associating Financial Freedom with the idea of making lots of money and living a certain lifestyle? Are we paying a heavy price for Financial Freedom by working ourselves to exhaustion and losing our ability to relate to one another, relax, laugh and play?

Money Fitness Coach Elsa Lim, founder of and author of When Love and Money Are Gone – True Stories of Women and Financial Independence wants you to know that Financial Freedom is freedom from Money Stress, Money Addictions and Unhealthy Money Habits.

In this talk, she will explain why you don’t need to be a millionaire to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Financial Freedom is not a future destination but the ability to live your best life in the present – simply by understanding the following key principles:

  • The Roots of Work and Money Stress
  • The Difference between Working for Love and Working for Money
  • How Fear and Anxiety cause us to make bad financial decisions
  • How to start building your net worth and stop digging your grave with plastic (credit cards)
  • How to design your own Healthy Financial Road Map

Price: S$40/ person for the Festival Pass (Sat)
Date: Sat, 11.30am to 12.30pm

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Festival Pass allows you access to all workshops within the day except for the Batik Workshop.

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