Basic Self Defence for Women

Women are often referred to as the ‘weaker sex’ and therefore targeted against. With cases of rape and molestation on the rise, it is increasingly important for females to learn self defence; even in Singapore, where the crime rate is extremely low or when travelling overseas.

This 1-hour workshop will teach you the basics of self-defence:

  • The 3 A’s (Aware, Alert and Avoid)
  • How to passively guard against attacks
  • Proper footwork
  • How to guard yourself defensively
  • Techniques to block attacks
  • How to shield yourself against attacks

Please bring your own towel for this session. Limited to 30 persons.

This workshop is conducted by Zackiee Ng of U-Elite Martial Fitness. All workshops are at our Festival Venue.

Zackiee Ng, U-Elite Martial Fitness

Price: S$40/person for the Festival Pass
Date: Sat, 2.00pm to 3.00pm

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Festival Pass allows you access to all workshops within the day except for the Batik Workshop.

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