Adult Batik Workshop

“How is an Adult Batik Workshop related to a Wellness event?” you asked.


Batik is an ancient textile production technique through repeated process of applying dye-resisting substance and colouring which results in an intricate and colourful design.

Through the process of Batik, you can stimulate the right brain and pour out your creative juices while designing a masterpiece that is uniquely yours . In this hands-on workshop, you will practice Batik Tulis, a traditional hand-drawn technique with canting which many reckon as an “alternative meditation”.

Curious how Batik can reduce stress, improve concentration and encourage a healthy lifestyle? Sign up now for this exclusive three-hour Batik workshop conducted by artists from Indonesia!

All workshops are at our Festival Venue.

Price: S$60 per adult
Date: Sun, 25 June at 11am

Eventbrite - Wellness Day Out

Note: If you would like to sign your child up for a similar workshop, we have two sessions of Children Batik Workshops which are simplified versions and suitable for those aged 15 and below.

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